Falius Arcpenny

Brother of Ardence Arcpenny.


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Falius Arcpenny is a waster warlord of renown. The hale young leader marshalls regular expeditions into the wilds, tracking down dangerous beasts and bringing back useful finds.

It has been three months since the disappearance of Falius and his band of seasoned trackers.

Ardence and Falius Arcpenny originally came to Husk from a waster tribe to the North-West, where they still have some kin. Falius and his band often collaborated with the North-West tribe on joint sorties into the Wastes. Falius had gone out following rumours of a cache of muskets, when he didn’t come back. Someone else found Falius’ pack out in the wastes; the pack had a hole in it and was empty but for a hand-drawn map.

Falius Arcpenny

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