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The Dreadful Night - Day 1

Woe is me for what a horrible night it was. Our first day’s camp away from Husk did little in the way of bolstering my spirits. For having settled upon comfortably spending the night laying close to the camp fire we started it wasn’t long until my rest was rudely interrupted. An ambush! And there I was, blurry eyed, half-asleep clutching at my blade.

By the time I came to my senses one of my companions had already been shredded by a hail of arrows. If not for his quick thinking he would have fallen right where he stood. As he continued to absorb the waves of arrows I stumbled aimlessly around the fire. You would think the sight of me clearly visible in it’s glow would attract some attention but alas it did little to focus the attackers on me.

I eagerly moved to meet the oncoming foes but did little in the way of actual damage. Imagine… a drawn blade swung multiple times never connecting with its target! Alas, as hard as I tried I sliced nothing but air and spent a considerable amount of time searching the shadows for one of the fleeing attackers. I did not rest the rest of the night. The sound of my blade hissing through the air filled my heart with nothing but sorrow. Tomorrow I shall do better than that! I eagerly waited for daybreak…

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