Husk NPCs

Who should I not piss off in town?

Streetwise: Hymerset Buchmond is the Mater, she pretty much runs the town. She’s a tough old broad, and she doesn’t suffer fools. Of course, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of Barius, the old Tiefer that runs the Tack shop – he can make things very expensive for you.

But serious trouble? Well, that’s why Husk’s own Sherser, Edwall Bastaff. He and his deputies keep the peace, and do a damn good job of it.

Then again, I’d say the toughest guy in town is Old Bern. He’s tangled with scurves, gecks, and whatnot more times than I could count. He helps keep the outfields clear of hyenas and such else that things there’s good hunting too close to town.

Husk NPCs

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